Contemporary Pan-Asian Cuisine

DASHA is a celebration of the old and the new, culminating in a modern interpretation of a classic cuisine with local & seasonal ingredients.

Dining at DASHA will take you on a food-led tour of Asia’s greatest flavours. From our inventive cocktails to the diverse choice of dishes, you’ll want to savour the entire menu.


An Elevated Private Dining Experience

Toronto is well known for its diverse culinary scene, and DASHA is the city’s most exciting private dining venue yet.

The moment you step through our front doors, you’re greeted by the restaurant’s centrepiece: a fully functional bar beautifully designed to reflect ancient Chinese architecture, complete with the identifiable upturned eaves. The rest of the space decked out with tasteful nods to diverse Asian culture. Combined with modern music, we have managed to create an unmatchable atmosphere that’s perfect to elevate any private dining event.

On the second floor, you’ll find our lavishly decorated private dining room with enough space to fit up to 18 people. Our private dining space is perfect for celebrating both the small and the big moments in life.


Second-Floor Private Karaoke Rooms

If you’re looking to turn your private dining experience into a party, we’ve got you covered. DASHA is the only premier karaoke bar in Toronto. Monday through Wednesday, you can rent out DASHA’s entire second floor which gives you access to all 5 sound-proofed karaoke rooms, dining space, and washrooms.

Sing your heart out in one of our themed karaoke rooms, with comfortable L-shaped leather couches that can fit up to 10 people, with plenty of space to dance. Each room has been designed by a local artist to make you feel like you are on the streets of Shanghai. With over 60,000 songs in English, Cantonese, Korean, and many more languages available, you’ll be sure to find your favourite go-to karaoke song.

DASHA isn’t just elevating the karaoke experience on a visual level. When you book one of our 5 rooms, you’re able to enjoy a snack menu that is exclusive to the karaoke rooms that perfectly compliments the menu of the main dining space. This includes The Mix Tape basket, which comes as a shareable plate with spring rolls, chicken skewers, chicken balls, and edamame. The perfect mix of protein to keep your party going strong for as long you need. Pair your snack order with one of our fun, premium cocktails for a great evening!


Full Buyouts for Corporate Events in Toronto

There are numerous corporate event venues in Toronto, but none quite like DASHA. If you’re looking for a uniquely designed space that will completely wow your guests, you’ve come to the right place.

Located right in the heart of downtown Toronto, our impressive 9000-square-foot restaurant is available for full buyouts. The arrangement at the front of the restaurant is customizable to suit your needs, with large family-style dining tables in the back with built-in lazy Susans. With plenty of seating and standing room alike, the space is perfect for creating unforgettable corporate events.

Or, if you’re looking for something a little more intimate, there is a lounge space in the back of the restaurant with its own private entrance that can hold up to 95 guests. There are washrooms available for your guests’ use that are shared with DASHA’s main dining room. The private lounge’s turnkey style is perfect for corporate events that involve cocktails and canapés.

With delicious catering, filled with modern Chinese options, experienced bartenders and waitstaff, and a sound system ready for your use, DASHA can accommodate any type of event you’re looking to host.

From a stunning interior to attentive customer service, DASHA has everything you need in order to make sure your corporate event is one that both your clients and coworkers will never forget. Just what the CEO ordered.

Dasha- Honeycomb Hospitality

DASHA Toronto

Dive right into the heart of contemporary Chinese culture when you experience all that DASHA has to offer. 

Contact the team at Honeycomb Hospitality for any booking inquiries.

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